Bella Skyway Festival

Для художников

Девять выпуска Международного Фестиваля Света Белла Скайвэй Фэстиваль были большим успехом — тысячи людей восхищались световыми установками, которые превратили торуньскую старую часть города в магическое пространство креативных и художественных действий. Мы надеемся, что десятый выпуск, который пройдет с 21 по 26 сентября 2018 года, будет продолжением этого успеха. На этом сайте Вы найдете бланк для подачи своей заявки (deadline: 26 марта 2018 года). Приглашаем заполнить заявку и присылать визуализации своих художественных проектов, которые мы могли бы включить в программу Белла Скайвэй Фэстиваль. В случае каких-либо вопросов или сомнений, просим контактироваться с: Marta Kęsy — координатор Белла Скайвэй Фестиваля.


Energy can change its form, but it cannot be created nor destroyed. The process in which one type of the energy turns into another is always connected to some kind of interaction and by walking between light installations in the heart of Toruń we can easily find it.

The Energy could raise dozens of associations, starting with physical energy, philosophical or life energy to the one that is unexplored, mysterious dark power. The creators of this year’s edition will base on these three pillars.

  • Physical energy – is omnipresent and occurs in various forms and shapes. It surrounds us from all sides. So it will be in Toruń that will change into a luminous, energetic and brisk urban mass. The energy could be constant and variable, take various shapes, it could also cause heat transfer – all these phenomenon’s can be experienced by our guests.
  • Dark energy – during this festival’s edition we will be able to feel the form of energy that overfill the entire space causing the expansion of the Universe. During the festival it will sink into the landscape of Toruń and stir our imagination. The energy can run through one substance to another, transfer between beings and spread to all reality. Through the night and lights, the image of fairly known places and buildings will reveal a completely new meaning to us.
  • Life energy – a range of lights flowing from the city center will brighten the minds and hearts of all guests with new, positive energy. The climate of the event will combine static urban space with the latest technologies of light energy diffusion. The brightness flowing from this energy can reach the most imperceptible elements of the buildings and architecture of our city. The symbolism of light is mainly: eternity, spiritual joy and inspiration — and this inspiration will stimulate everyone to sensual exploration of light. Light is the whole world that is waiting for our discovery.

Thanks to the artistic visions presented at the Bella Skyway Festival, everyone will be able to experience the title Energy and thanks to it, „recharge your batteries” and tune up positively.