Bella Skyway Festival

For the artists

Ten editions of the international light festival Bella Skyway turned out to be a great success — thousands of people admired the light installations which transformed the Old Town of Toruń into a magical space for creative, artistic actions. We hope that the eleventh edition which will take place from the 20th until 25th of August 2019 will continue this success story. We encourage you to fill in the application form (until 28th of February 2019) and send visualizations of your artistic projects, which could be included in the Bella Skyway Festival program. If you have any questions or doubts, please contact Sylwia Nurkiewicz – the coordinator of Bella Skyway Festival.

Place variety

Plasticity, abyss, unachievability, cold, depth or curvature of space. The components of the universe continue to amaze people with the scale of their variety. In the year of the fiftieth anniversary of landing a man on the Moon artists try to face the man’s constant desire to explore what is new, to experience what is seemingly unattainable. The festival, like nature which forms yet unknown parts of the universe, thanks to creativity and artistic imagination will turn the city into an exceptional space, and the spectator will be at the centre of this journey into the unknown.